Jan Reichelt

Co-Founder & President Mendeley

An entrepreneur at heart, Jan has spent his professional career in tech startups, professional information services, and digital media. After working as an advisor to the supervisory board of SAP, he started Mendeley, which had received several million dollars in VC funding, has now grown to 150+ employees and more than 4 million users, and was eventually acquired by Reed Elsevier in April 2013. Ever since, he has been working on a successful integration and executing the company’s vision of building a global research collaboration platform. Besides this, he is also a trusted startup mentor and business angel, ranked as one of the “top 100 most influential British entrepreneurs”, as well as serving as non-executive director of Emerge Education, a London-based education tech accelerator. Together with his co-founders, Jan was awarded the “European Founders of the Year 2013” by TechCrunch during The Europas.