Ivan Brezak Brkan

Founder & CEO Netokracija

Founder & CEO of Netokracija and founder of Meme Media’s Inbound.hr project, Ivan has started his career in tech journalism by writing for TechCrunch and various Southeastern European tech / business magazines. Startup enthusiast & tech lover, he’s been a startup mentor and advisor at reputed accelerators such as hub:raum, Seedcamp, Eleven, Shift, Split, MVP Academy & many others, while also being the director of Netokracija’s own conferences: RockPaperStartups and OMGcommerce. With special editions in Croatia, Slovenia & Serbia, Netokracija has been labeled as “The TechCrunch of the Balkans” by TechCrunch itself, and Ivan has been called “The internet aristocrat” in the special “Generation 2013” issue of Forbes. Interested in helping tech companies hire the very best tech talent, Ivan’s teams at Netokracija and his inbound marketing agency (Meme Media’s Inbound.hr project) help you ‘presell’ your tech brand to job-seekers!