Ionut Cotoi

CEO & Co-Founder

Ionuț Cotoi is an experienced software developer, starting 17 years ago with HC85 model produced by ICE Felix. Currently, he is proficient in several programming languages, such as C + +, C, Perl, Python, C #, Java, Vala and GoLang on Linux, VxWorks, Solaris, Windows, Mac OS X and likes working using Agile mythologies, such as LEAN.

Among his numerous collaborations and projects, Ionut has developed several software and hardware applications that encompass the latest technologies in terms of automation, robotics, GPS, wireless and RFID, gaining an extensive background in telecommunications, design, and development of intelligent home automation systems, as well automation systems in the fields of wind and solar generated energy.

Driven by professional curiosity and an entrepreneurial mindset, Ionut is one of the Co-Founders of, one of the most promising Romanian startups which aims to connect manufacturers and industry to the Internet of Things. Similarly, he contributed to the development of two other organizations: OPENDEV Labs (develops intelligent systems for improving public transportion) and Centrul de Creatie Tehnica pentru Tineret – (technical NGO), that are now self-sustainable.