Become a volunteer

Thanks for your interest in joining our team. Volunteering applications for How to Web Conference 2015 are now closed. The applicants will be shortly notified of the results of the selection process.


How to Web happens every year with the support of an amazing group of 50+ volunteers. Register here and you can be one of the people that works behind the scenes to make things happen!

What’s in it for you?

– You’ll get to meet some of the best & brightest minds in the CEE & beyond
– You’ll see how things happen behind the scenes and work with our magic crew
– You’ll learn stuff and you’ll get connected with people that matter
– You’ll get to attend the conference
– Last but not least, you’ll have lots of FUN

How it works?

All you have to do is submit the volunteer application form by Sunday, October 25. You will be notified of the application outcome on Monday, November 2nd.

You’ll get to meet the team on Saturday, November 14, during the Volunteer Induction Day and rehearse everything with your team lead at the event location a couple of days before How to Web. During the conference, you’ll be working with your assigned team, while getting the most out of the conference and all the networking activities & parties (where you’ll be invited).

Bonus: In the end, you will receive a recommendation and a volunteering certificate to attest that you’ve been part of How to Web Conference 2015.

Just fill in the form and let’s work some magic together!